Morning Must Reads: Green Shoots

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–As I noted yesterday, Democrats have Senate Republicans in somewhat of a headlock over financial reform. From the Wall Street Journal:

Nerves appeared to be fraying among Republicans faced with the increasingly unappetizing prospect of opposing new curbs on Wall Street.

Republican aides said the party faced a dilemma: It could sign on to a bill that they and many of their constituents won’t like, or watch a bill pass with them largely on the sidelines and give Democrats an issue to run on in the fall.

–Blanche Lincoln’s derivatives plan is meeting some resistance in the Democratic caucus, but she’s not letting it go quietly.

–Bob Corker continues to get positive media coverage for playing ball. But it’s earned him the moniker “Bailout Bob” in some circles.

–Our colleague Barbara Kiviat has a great primer on what the bill needs to accomplish.

–Stephen Gandel on why the SEC has a case against Goldman.

–Ethan Bronner sees green shoots in Mideast peace talks.

–Tim Pawlenty’s people put out feelers in North Carolina and step on some toes while they’re at it.

–Newt Gingrich takes issue Norm Ornstein.

–The RNC reviews spending practices.

–Lessons from the Republican Party of Florida: Jim Greer’s itemized guide for what not to do and how to immortalize profligacy in oil.

Greece asks the EU to move ahead with a $40 billion rescue package.

–A VAT: Bruce Bartlett for and against.

–Reihan Salam listens to Christina Romer and concludes the U.S. economy is screwed.

–Meg Whitman’s jaw-dropping, big-money media blitz continues with an infomercial and on-demand campaign spots.

–Eric Ostermeier illustrates how the effect of gerrymandering is at a historical low.

What did I miss?