When it Comes to the Health Care Law, Confusion Reigns

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For the most part, Americans don’t understand the details of the new health reform law. This is understandable – the law is complicated, it’s not in effect yet and the political noise of the past year obscured a lot of the policy. I took a stab on Time.com yesterday at explaining 5 of the “immediate benefits” Democrats are so eager to trumpet between now and the fall Congressional elections. But I’m guessing my story will not clear the wave of confusion that’s befallen America.

The press release on the latest tracking poll from the very well-regarded Kaiser Family Foundation says:

Although anger grabs the headlines, the only emotion shared by more than half of the public when it comes to the health reform law is confusion. Overall, 55 percent say they are confused, an emotion more deeply rooted among those who feel unfavorably toward reform (61% of whom feel confused) than among those who favor it (44% of whom feel confused).