(Tea) Party in the UK

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As my twitter followers know, I’ve been marooned in London due to volcanic ash.  It’s been a real hardship, I can tell you. Glorious spring is bursting in St. James Park where blue herons and swans will virtually eat bread out of your hand. There’s a great Chris Ofili exhibit – the guy whose cow elephant dung Virgin Mary so enraged then-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani that he tried to revoke funding for the Brooklyn Museum of Art – at the Tate Britain. And the weather has been so gorgeous that Amy Winehouse wannabes have been braving the lap dogs that roam wild (and the little presents that they leave) to sunbathe on blankets at the Freemasons Arms next to Hampstead Heath. Despite my tough row to hoe, I summoned the courage to delve into the murky world of British politics and found some fun, familiar themes. Here’s the first of what will surely be several UK political stories this week on Great Britain’s first Tea Party group. Be careful, David Cameron — whose parliamentary private secretary Desmond Swayne attended the meeting — as any American GOP leader who hasn’t passed a purity test will tell you, you’re playing with fire.