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Krauthammer Pro-Proliferation?

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Charles Krauthammer’s reflexive neoconservative wingnuttery can be hilariously petty sometimes–this week, for example, as he slags off on the President’s nuclear summit. Krauthammer is dismissive of the effort–he mocks the Canadian decision to send its spent highly enriched uranium to us for disposal. But what about Ukraine’s decision to do the same? One of the great post-cold war fears was that the shattered nations of the former Soviet bloc would not control their nuclear material adequately or sell it. Ukraine’s decision makes the world decidedly safer. This is what is known in the non-extremist world as progress. As is the START treaty with Russia, which Krauthammer also derides.

But the most interesting thing about the column is what is not mentioned: It became clear in the last week that Obama is making real progress in bringing both Russia and China along in its efforts to further sanction Iran for its refusal to comply with the non-proliferation treaty it signed. It now seems likely that these sanctions will be passed by the UN Security Council. This week’s conference has helped focus international attention on the issue, and made it harder for the Russians and Chinese to veto the sanctions resolution.

But, of course, I’m being naive. If Obama manages to win a new sanctions regime, Krauthammer et al will deride that as insufficient, too. The only move that will suffice is…bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran. (A move that the U.S. military–those wusses–unanimously oppose.)