In the Arena

Some Things Don’t Change

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A few weeks in Afghanistan, where life and death decisions are being made every day, leaves me with very little patience for this sort of seditious rant. I suppose Newt is trying to make the southern Republicans forget his multitude of marriages and assorted misdemeanors. There have been two warring constants in Gingrich’s career: anger and a certain small-bore cleverness about policy, with anger always, always getting the upper hand. I hope, at some point in his life, Newt will wake up and understand that public life is not an x-box game; there are consequences to the utter nonsense he spews when he’s in shaman mode. But I’m not holding my breath. And the less said about the dreadful, deluded Liz Cheney the better. But this intensification of craziness on the Republican side, this self-delusional attempt to transform a moderate-liberal President into a threat to the Republic, can only lead the party, ¬†and perhaps the country, off a cliff.

There are honorable conservative arguments that can be made against the President. But, given all that is at stake, at home and overseas, the Republican Party’s descent into paranoid infotainment is very, very bad for the country.