On Smoking In Airplane Lavatories

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Washington was rattled last week by reports that Kalpen Moki, the actor known as Kal Penn, would be leaving his job at the White House Office of Public Engagement for a return to the big screen, this time in a Harold and Kumar Christmas movie. Why all the concern? In some quarters, it is suspected that the Harold and Kumar franchise has prophetic powers.

Consider the disturbance Wednesday night on a Denver bound plane, in which a Qatari diplomat was detained by U.S. Marshals after allegedly lighting up in one of the lavatories. From the New York Times:

A federal official speaking on condition that he not be identified by name said that the passenger had gone to the bathroom to smoke a cigarette, claimed he had diplomatic immunity and made sarcastic comments that the marshals took as a threat.

Of course close watchers of the Harold and Kumar franchise could have told you this would happen. Just take a look at this scene from the last movie.


We now must all wait patiently to find out what messages from the future the next Harold and Kumar movie will bring to the silver screen.