Morning Must Reads: Let’s Roll

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Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–Democrats have been careful not to appear gleeful over promising economic news as the jobs market continues to struggle. Cautious optimism ruled the day Sunday even as the White House economic team reacted to a very positive unemployment report.

–Unemployment woes are far from over.

–Felix Salmon offers a useful look at how the international Basel Committee on Banking Supervision accords could affect financial regulatory reform. Despite likely delays and indifferent national regulators, he calls it “the world’s best hope for fundamentally reforming the amount of systemic risk that can be buried inside the global financial system.”

Paul Krugman is still worried about a Hellenistic bill here in the U.S.

–Michael Steele appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning to address recent criticism leveled at at the RNC over spending practices, but offered little new in the way of defending his tenure or his organization. He seems to have a tin ear for the politics of his position, and every one of his appearances seems to stir drama rather than quell it.

–No one is rallying to his defense.

Marc Ambinder explains what he’s missing.

–President Obama wants to forge a broad coalition for U.N. sanctions against Iran; the Wall Street Journal’s Steve Stecklow writes asset freezes won’t do a whole lot. The Globe ed board urges action.

–I’m a bit late in getting to it, but OkTrends has a series of fascinating graphics on social and economic views in American politics pulled from a huge sample size. Check it out.

Ronald Brownstein writes Democrats have closed ranks in the wake of health care and are toughening their hang together or hang separately attitude for the midterms. Key ingredient: “The willingness of Democrats elected by the same constituencies as Obama to bind their fate to his.”

–The question is: Will the Obama electorate turn out?

–David Remnick’s “The Bridge: The Life an Rise of Barack Obama” is out this week. The Times profiled the author over the weekend and I did a quick review for dead-tree TIME. The book is excellent.

–David Carr has a nice piece on Sarah Palin and the media.

Jon Ralston hears Senator Ensign may be facing a federal indictment.

–The White House Easter Egg Roll is today.

–And Kal Penn plans to depart the White House for more serious pursuits.

What did I miss?