Morning Must Reads: Shore Thing

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Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–Obama will announce he’s opening coastal waters to offshore drilling today.

–The New York Times has a handy-dandy map:

New York Times

–The Greens gripe, but get Bristol Bay.

–The left worries that the White House just jumped the gun on concessions for a climate bill.

–The White House line: “This isn’t about giving or getting. This is about getting energy security for the American people.”

–Marc Ambinder thinks it’s brilliant politics: Preemptively deny Republicans their biggest weapon in the energy debate.

–McConnell’s office takes credit.

–Senator Corker says he can’t support the Dodd financial regulation bill as is, and the White House sounds uninterested in further negotiation. Democrats see financial reg as a winner and are eager run wild with the Wall Steet v. Main Street theme in an election year.

–Jon Ralston sets the record straight on Searchlight.

–Lee Siegel doubts the Tea Partiers have much electoral juice and says the volume of coverage is excessive. There’s a fine line; I think the media has over-corrected a bit from its early hesitation about covering the brew crew, but they aren’t to be dismissed.

–Steve Kornacki writes Bill Halter’s primary challenge to Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas may be that rare combination of ideological (he running from her left) and pragmatic (he has the potential to be just as strong of a candidate in the general.)

–Arizona’s House Democratic caucus leader David Lujan finds a way to play repeal hullabaloo to his advantage. (He’s running for attorney general.).

John Sides looks at how the dramatic narrative of a campaign turning point (a rousing speech, an embarrassing gaffe, etc.) isn’t always backed up by the numbers.

–Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is expected to announce she’ll serve out the two remaining years of her term. While running for governor,  she pledged to step down sooner rather than later, then delayed for the health care debate. Next up: Re-election bid announcement?

–Bart Gordon’s seat looks like a goner for Dems.

–And Barack Obama can be your pen pal too.

What did I miss?