Despite Reports, TIME Still Not Advocating Internet Driver’s Licenses

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That modern marvel, the Internet, has been buzzing for days about the secret plan by the House of Luce, aka Time Magazine, to license everyone who logs into a browser to search the web. Really. You can read about our dastardly plan–“Time Magazine Pushes Draconian Internet Licensing Plan”–at websites like, and The story is not true, of course, but who wants to get in the way of such fun conspiracies?

The original spark for this piece of paranoid chatter was a blog post by Barbara Kiviat discussing the security vulnerabilities of the Internet, as discussed last month in Davos. Kiviat mentioned a panel discussion that raised the merits of a finding some way to actually track those who logged into a computer. Today, Kiviat is back with another post about the problems of online anonymity.