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Mainstream America?

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I was on Bill O’Reilly’s program last night, which was sort of hilarious. The most insufferable part of it was the Fox conceit–really insufferable, after the recent poll that scored Fox as the most trusted news source–that their viewers represent “the folks.” Yes, they undoubtedly represent some of the (Republican) folks. And Daily Kos–via Ben Smith–has done a public service by having its pollster ask Republicans a series of questions.

The results should be taken with a grain or two of salt. (Add: as almost all poll results should.)¬†We don’t know the methodology of the poll, although there clearly was an intent to show how extreme the Repubs have become. (Update: the pollster claims a 2% margin of error…42% of the respondents were from the South, which may reflect–I’m not sure–the GOP’s strength down there.)

But still…

A plurality believes Obama should be impeached. A majority believe he’s a socialist. A narrow plurality believes he was born in America. Only 24% don’t think Acorn stole the election. Only 8% believe that homosexuals should be allowed to teach in schools.