Re: Haven’t They Suffered Enough?

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GAGH! What is wrong that man?? Why can’t he stay out of public view and let these two families he’s created rebuild their lives in peace? (I’m going to assume he’s not down with the mutual silence pact.) There have been a lot of delusional people in American politics, but John Edwards just might take the cake. Let’s review:

  • Has affair with Rielle Hunter and launches presidential campaign anyway
  • Continues affair after wife Elizabeth’s cancer returns, impregnates Hunter, and stays in the presidential race
  • Hunter gives birth to their daughter and Edwards tries to work out a deal with Obama to get the VP slot
  • Admits to affair on national television (while continuing to deny paternity) and tells aides he’d still like to approach the Obama team about getting a seat in the Cabinet
  • Finally admits paternity–almost two years after his daughter is born–asks White House to be sent on mission to Haiti, and when he gets no response, up and goes to Haiti anyway

I have no doubt that Edwards, with his long and admirable commitment to poverty issues, really wants to do what he can to help in Haiti. It also seems likely that this sounded to him like an EZ-Pass lane to get to image rehabilitation more quickly.

If I were Jon Stewart, this is where I’d say: “Edwards. Meet me at Camera 3.” Sir, it’s obviously killing you to have fallen so far, even if was your fault and you do still have millions and millions of dollars. You may possibly have a chance at some day rehabilitating your image. But you’re going to have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Go away and keep your mouth shut

Step 2. Seriously, you can’t skip Step 1–go back and try again