Re: What’s A Natural Disaster Without Pat Robertson To Explain?

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Sigh. For years, I’ve been pleading with people to ignore Pat Robertson when he spouts off with his crazy-ass explanations for disasters (among other things). But because he can always be identified as a televangelist and former GOP presidential candidate (i.e., a guy with at least something of an audience), it doesn’t matter how many evangelicals cringe at his every statement or hate the idea that he’s still thought of as a Christian leader. Every time he speaks, Robertson makes Christianity and religion in general look bad.

It’s past time for other Christian leaders to stop regarding him as crazy but harmless Uncle Pat, a guy who should be ignored but treated with some respect. The man says that the devil came down to Haiti, made a pact with the locals, and now God is punishing them with a devastating earthquake (because the crushing poverty, hunger, and illness hasn’t been enough?). “True story.” WTF?

Who’s willing to call Robertson out and condemn that statement? Who’s ready to publicly say the televangelist should give up his television appearances? Rick Warren? Franklin Graham? Chuck Colson? What exactly does Robertson need to say before other Christian leaders worry that he’s tarnishing their faith and the example of Christ? If they don’t speak up, it’s not unreasonable to assume that they’re not concerned by statements like this.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has announced that Archbishop Joseph Miot’s body was found in the ruins of the archdiocese’s office in Port-au-Prince.