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The Party of Nihilism Cont.

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The Washington Post’s editorial page has been tacking right in recent years and so today’s editorial on Undiebomber, and the cynical Republican assault on the President, is noteworthy….especially this:

With former vice president Richard B. Cheney in the lead, the [Republicans] have embarked on an ugly course to use the incident to inflict maximum political damage on President Obama. That’s bad enough, but their scurrilous line of attack is even worse. The claim that the incident shows the president’s fecklessness in the war on terror is unfounded — no matter how often it is repeated.

It is particularly scurrilous when it is used by Senator John Ensign to deflect attention from his adultery and hush-money payoffs, and by Rep. Pete Hoekstra to raise money for his gubernatorial campaign. Neither of these men deserve to be in public office by January 2011.

As for Cheney, I hope the old torturer just keeps blabbing–and his daughter Liz as well–to remind that American public what we’re well rid of.