Of Coins, Medals, Neutral Evidence, Hanukkah and Latex Gloves

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Five things you probably don’t need to know about:

1. Have you noticed recently that friends or neighbors are lugging hundreds of pounds of mint condition currency from their mailbox to their cars? Well here’s what’s going on: They have discovered the apparently-legal, frequent-flier, dollar-coin, free-shipping gambit you probably wish you thought of first.

2. Utah’s senior senator, Orrin Hatch, the Mormon Republican, has written us a Hanukkah song. Really.

3. Former Fed Chairman and current Obama adviser Paul Volcker does not mince his words.“I wish someone would give me one shred of neutral evidence that financial innovation has led to economic growth — one shred of evidence,” he said at a recent meeting with the Kings and Queens of high finance. Also: “Has there been one financial leader to say this is really excessive? Wake up, gentlemen. Your response, I can only say, has been inadequate.”

4. You kinda knew it would happen someday: Andrew Breitbart has found a way to get the words “Barack Obama,” “fisting kits,” and “watersports” into a single blog report.

5. Of all the hits Tiger Woods has been taking, this one won’t sting the worst:. There is, it turns out, a golf committee in the House (or is it a golf subcommittee?), and its chairman Rep. Joe Baca, D-Calif., has just decided not to nominate Woods for the Congressional Gold Medal. (H/T commenter RustyReturns)

BONUS #6: In political infidelity news today, Mark Sanford will not be impeached and John Edwards will not be shopping at a bookstore near you in February.