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Climate Sanity

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Lots of delusional nonsense from the right about climate change these days–especially the hyping of hacked emails from the East Anglia laboratory, which demonstrate that climate scientists can be every bit as unfortunately over-exuberant as other obsessive advocates. But the essential truth about climate change remains the same, as this report shows. The world is getting warmer. The cause of the change is human activity. We need to do something about that. As John McCain used to say, back when he was an environmentalist: if we are right about climate change and do nothing, we’ve destroyed the planet for our grandchildren; if we’re wrong about climate change and take action, we’ve left them a cleaner and more energy-efficient world. (I would add that there’s a national security dimension that drill-baby-drill Republicans ignore: most of the oil in this world is pumped by people we don’t want to enrich and empower.)