Free Michelle!

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From TIME’s Sophia Yan:

Michelle Obama has been held by US Customs and Border Protection in the port of LA for the last two weeks — 10,000 Michelles, to be exact.  The first shipment of the Michelle Obama action figure by Jailbreak Toys, designed in New York and manufactured in China, was on its way back to the States for its November 15 debut.  But the First Lady — complete with toothy smile, toned plastic biceps and your choice of three different outfits — is currently trapped in container #00LU865121. 

“We know this is a busy time for Customs officials,” says Jailbreak Toys owner Jason Feinberg. “What is most frustrating is that we haven’t been given any reason for the delay.”

On his blog, Feinberg is urging would-be purchasers of the action figure to “help us by sending a message to the bureaucrats in LA…to ‘Free Michelle Obama!'” (By “bureaucrats in LA,” he means the folks who field inquiries about the status of entry release and holds at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport’s Trade Interface Unit.) 

Update: Feinberg may need to add a State Dinner Michelle figure to the collection. The First Lady is looking stunning this evening. And once again shaming the rest of us into hitting the gym a little more often.