Latest Latest Installment of the Make ’em Filibuster Campaign

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There must be some Swampland followers in the Senate leadership. And it appears that, at last, they have heard our heartfelt pleas. Roll Call tells us this:

Harkin said Democrats expect Republicans will try to stall the debate by asking for the entire bill to be read on the Senate floor. If that happens, Harkin said, the majority party is likely to use a procedural maneuver to keep the Senate in session this weekend.

“If the Republicans want to stay here this Saturday and Sunday to read the bill, then let them stay here,” Harkin said, adding that Democrats would hold a “live quorum,” where the sergeant at arms requests the presence of all absent senators.

“I’ll tell you, we’re going to do something like that,” Harkin said. “We are planning to do something that would require Republicans to be there 24 hours a day, and if they leave the floor, we’ll ask unanimous consent to dispense with the reading, and that’ll be the end of it.”

Okay, that’s not technically making them filibuster, though it’s a start. (I’m a bit disappointed that they are not also taking up my suggestion to make Coburn himself read the bill.) Please, please make it be true.