Resuscitating the Docs Fix

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The $247 billion bribe bill to help the nation’s doctors may be stalling out on the Senate floor this week (here’s my story). But Dems have won at least one concession from the group: an agreement not to push for the inclusion of medical liability reform in the broader bill. From Rebecca J. Patchin, M.D., board chair of the AMA:

“The AMA is committed to medical liability reform that keeps physicians caring for patients in need, and we are also working to make health reform a reality this year.  As we work to achieve these goals, the reality is that there are nowhere near 60 Senators ready to vote for federal caps on non-economic damages, nor were there the votes when Republicans controlled both Congress and the White House.  The medical profession made a significant step forward this year as a direct result of AMA advocacy on medical liability reform. For the first time, the government is directing $25 million to the states to implement and test promising liability reforms like health courts and safe harbors.”