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He Does Sorta Look It

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One of the more popular rumors in Iran when I visited last June was that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Jewish. Now the Telegraph newspaper in London has gone public with the story. Apparently, he comes from a line of weavers–yes, tallit-weavers–who changed  their names recently, to prosper in the Islamic Republic. Indeed, Ahmadinejad’s name, Ahmadi-Nejad, literally means son of Ahmad (his father was Ahmad, the blacksmith).

Well, that may explain a few things. A certain amount of overcompensation, for starters. I mean, in the annals of self-hating Jewry, this really makes David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel–so accused by Bibi Netanyahu–look like pikers. In any case, we await  Ahmadi-Nejad’s verdict on all this.  Perhaps he’ll revise his views about the Holocaust (though I doubt it). But if things get too embarrassing for him in Iran, he now has a backup plan–since his mother was, presumably Jewish too, there’s a place for him in the country he calls the Zionist Entity. Shalom, Mahmoud!