Will Kanye West Apologize To Joe Wilson?

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Or something like that. As I post the following video, with apologies to Taylor Swift, there have only been 4,476 views. Watch it climb.


Kanye West has apologized for his disruption at last night’s MTV music awards. In the meantime, as for all this noise about whether or not Joe Wilson needs to offer a double-super-sincere apology on the House floor, I think Michael Kinsley gets it right in today’s Washington Post:

No matter how important or otherwise the underlying issue may be, it seems that about three-quarters of American politics can now be distilled down to “How dare you say that!” Taking offense at someone else’s possibly over-vigorous exercise of free speech, demanding an apology and so on has replaced much serious discussion about, oh, health care, the financial crisis, Iraq, Afghanistan, stuff like that. Umbrage is so much easier: You can do it in your sleep, or on talk radio.

The problem, of course, is that umbrage, beyond being fun, raises a lot of campaign cash–for everybody.