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Calling Them Out

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Ah, John Boehner couldn’t wait a day before retailing a whopper about the President’s health care plan:

“The President also said that nothing will require you to change your plan. But as we all know, according to CBO and others, millions of Americans could be forced out of their plan. And so it may not require you to change your plan, but if you look at the employer mandate and what it means on employers, it’s clear that some number of employers are going to drop their plan, pay their eight percent tax, and their employees will be forced into the government option.

Actually, no. The employees will be forced into health care exchanges, where the public option would–if it passes, and probably won’t–be one of several choices they would have. One can only assume that Boehner knows that he’s lying here. (Actually, I hope that the exchange idea will be expanded so that midsized employers who already have health care plans can increase their buying power and lower their rates by joining them.)