Mark Sanford–World’s Luckiest Man?

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In other news…South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is calling for Mark Sanford’s resignation right now at a press conference in Columbia. If you’ll remember, Sanford’s tearful, rambling confession of infidelity in June dominated the news for less than 24 hours before Michael Jackson died and dominated every airwave and headline. The past few months haven’t been exactly smooth for the South Carolina governor, but he’s remained strangely committed to staying in office, resisting advice from friends who are telling him his time is up and remaining in Columbia while his wife and sons relocate to Charleston.

Now, his lieutenant governor calls a press conference to ask for his resignation–and it’s on the day Ted Kennedy died. As we’ve seen, those pre-produced cable montages and remembrances don’t stop for anyone. A philandering Southern governor is no match for the King of Pop or the End of Camelot. And so Mark Sanford lives to see another day.