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Just received this in the mail, apparently a response to my post this morning about how my family is coping with the need for end-of-life counseling:

You liberal SOB!! How far has Obama got his dick pushed down yout throat!!! You sir, are a liberal asshole!!!!!!

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Gene Chamblin

To which I can only say…a liberal? Clearly, this gentleman is not aware of the views of the Swampland commentariat. I am a waterboy for the military-intelligence establishment. I am a Beltway village simp, taking dictation from Karl Rove and eating cocktail weenies with Pete Hoekstra. I would have voted for FISA reform. I had a friend who was a lobbyist.

But ok, Mr. Chamblin, I plead guilty: compared to you, I am, indeed, a liberal. Compared to you, a rock is intelligent.