Diplomacy, Busey-Style

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Because it’s Friday afternoon–and because Gary Busey is never not funny, in a crazed sort of way.

After reading this ridiculous Politico article about Obama’s drinking habits (Does the President drink too much? Some callers to a Louisiana sports radio show think so!), I started looking for references to Jimmy Carter and alcohol, because my memory is that the man from Plains was pretty roundly mocked for his tee-totaling ways. But I got distracted when my search brought up a transcript of a Saturday Night Live sketch from the show’s fourth season in which guest host Gary Busey plays presidential problem sibling Billy Carter and makes a muck of Middle East diplomacy. (Note to George Mitchell: leave Busey at home.)

No luck so far finding video of “The Carter Brothers,” but I’ll keep looking. Consider it a public service. We can’t afford to let comedy like this become lost to history.