Mark Sanford and the Great Media Suck-Up

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My colleague Jim Poniewozik has a post up on his blog about a topic that has gotten a fair amount of discussion in the South Carolina media, as well as the blogosphere. In response to a request by The State newspaper under the Freedom of Information act, the Governor’s office has released a trove of emails, including the lobbying that many in the media were doing to land an exclusive interview with the wandering gov. Suffice it to say, it’s not pretty–and a cautionary lesson to all of us in the journalistic profession. Jim noted:

(Disclosure: The State lists TIME among the organizations that sought a Sanford interview, though it doesn’t quote the inquiry.)

As it happens, I was the reporter who made the request. So in the interest of the fullest disclosure, I forwarded to Jim my e-mail exchange with Sanford’s press secretary. You can read Jim’s updated post here.