She Always Feels Like Somebody’s Watching Her

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(With apologies to Rockwell. Although, really, he should be apologizing to the rest of us for getting that hook stuck in our heads for the better part of the 80s.)

We’ve known for a while that Michelle Bachmann has her own special brand of crazy. She demonstrated it again today when she explained that she plans to refuse to take part in the 2010 Census–a short, six-question survey–because everyone knows that censuses can lead to internment camps.

Hmm. Steve Benen asks, “Does one have to work hard to be this crazy, or does it come naturally?” But what I want to know is: Does Bachmann have a staff as crazy as she is, supplying her with these conspiracy theories? Or is it all her? Because I have this mental image of her staying up late Googling “census” and “internment” and then heading off to share her discoveries with the world.