Re: Sanford: The Latest

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Karen may be swearing off more posts about Mark Sanford’s Excellent Adventure, but I can’t resist one more. This line from the AP story about the governor’s last-minute Argentina jaunt caught my eye:

Sanford told The State he was alone on the trip to Argentina. He declined to give any additional details about what he did other than to say he drove along the coastline.

I love a good coastline drive, and on a recent trip to South America, my husband and I spent an enjoyable day driving along the gorgeous coast of Uruguay. But that was the closest coastline drive from Buenos Aires–and it required some planes, trains, and buses to get there. North of Buenos Aires is a massive river delta that can only really be negotiated by boat. And to drive along the coastline south of the city, you first need to drive hundreds of miles through suburbs and then farmland before arriving at a decent coastal road. There are many reasons to visit Argentina, but coastline driving is not one of them.