UPDATE: The AMA Says No. Maybe. Yes. Whatever.

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Re our earlier post, we now get this from the American Medical Association:

Statement attributable to: Nancy H. Nielsen, M.D.
President, American Medical Association

“Make no mistake: Health reform that covers the uninsured is AMA’s top priority this year. Every American deserves affordable, high-quality health care coverage.

“Today’s New York Times story creates a false impression about the AMA’s position on a public plan option in health care reform legislation. The AMA opposes any public plan that forces physicians to participate, expands the fiscally-challenged Medicare program or pays Medicare rates, but the AMA is willing to consider other variations of a public plan that are currently under discussion in Congress. This includes a federally chartered co-op health plan or a level playing field option for all plans. The AMA is working to achieve meaningful health reform this year and is ready to stand behind legislation that includes coverage options that work for patients and physicians.”

Which brings us back to what I will continue to emphasize: A “public plan” can mean many things.

UPDATE: David Chalian of ABC has more about the skirmishing over a “public plan” on Capitol Hill.