Five For Friday: A Hug, Sweat, Bushbama, The Mayor Who Can’t Quit You and More

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1. John McCain (IV) gets a hug from Barack Obama, finally.

2. Ben Smith uncovers the best headline of the day, week: “Mayor quits job for gay illegal immigrant he loves

3. Jon Martin explains the role treadmills, tae kwon do, and sweat plays in the White House legislative strategy.

4. Don’t miss Jack Goldsmith’s analysis of how similar Barack Obama’s national security policies are to George W. Bush’s policies. Yes, similar.

5. Also: A website that tells when to pee during movies. Beyonce’s new lyrics. A robot body you can wearAnd new photos from the White House. All of which you would have already known about if you followed me on Twitter. (That’s a warning as much as a recomendation.)