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. . . for $1.99 and you can read my latest story about the Democratic obstacles that Obama faces as he tries to get his legislative agenda through Congress. The nut:

Despite Obama’s early legislative victories — including passage of the largest stimulus bill in history — the new President has learned how limited his power can be, even when the Democrats control Congress. While much of the political chatter continues to focus on the waning Republican opposition, Obama’s real challenge comes from within his own party. With increasing frequency, Democrats have been scratching away at the promises Obama made during his campaign, watering down reforms, removing possible revenue sources and protecting key constituencies.

Really just $1.99 cents for six months weeks. Or you can just click here and read it online, blah, blah, blah, but if you do remember this: It’s still more fun to hold the magazine in your hands. And, no, my employer did not instruct me to become a pitchman. I just think all this doom and gloom sometimes forgets to acknowledge the obvious.