Five For Friday

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1. The AIPAC prosecution is abandoned. Journalists celebrate the death of another leak case, though the news comes too late to help reverse the embarrassment of Jane Harman.

2. David Brooks confirms with the usual academic citations what mothers have been saying for generations: Practice, practice, practice (makes a genius).

3. Anita Dunn’s (official) arrival at the White House will, at least temporarily, take care of one problem, the overwhelming strategic message planning burden that has been hoisted until now by David Axelrod. But the communications mess at Treasury is still awaiting its savior.

4. What’s the over/under on the amount of weeks that will pass before not-the-early-bird Joe Biden gets booked on another morning show? (I would guess 4 to 6).

5. How can we calculate the effect on POTUS of the remarkable Bulls/Celtics series? He is watching right? He can’t not be watching. How can anyone not be watching? (Watch highlights from last night here.)

FIVE FOR FRIDAY BONUS SIX!!: In the comments below, please begin the great Swampland Souter-replacement pool. What are the odds on Wood? Could Koh pull it out in a squeaker? How much on Kagan to show, Deval Patrick to place? (To see some of the professional handicappers lines, such as they are, click here.)