I Bet Sasha Finds the Afikomen

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The White House Easter egg roll is getting all of the attention–especially after it was announced yesterday that tickets are being set aside for gay and lesbian families. But on Thursday, the First Family will also host a Passover seder for friends and staff. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but although presidents have held Hanukkah parties at the White House before, I think this is the first seder hosted and attended by a sitting president.

No word yet on where the First Family will celebrate Easter. They’re still looking for a church in the Washington area and I’m told that church shopping has been more difficult for them than expected in large part because of the president’s popularity, particularly here in DC. The last church they visited, 19th Street Baptist, was so swamped with people trying to get a glimpse of Obama that two-thirds of the church’s regular members weren’t even able to get through the door to worship. Ronald Reagan used to explain his absence at church by arguing that the security precautions would be disruptive. The Clintons proved that wasn’t true during their eight years attending Foundry Methodist. But the Obamas could well turn a local church upside-down just by joining. And they’d like to avoid that.

Which is why we’ll suggest it again: military chapel.