Harold and Kumar Go to the White House

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Apparently there was a shocking development on last night’s episode of House. (Like much of the country, I was busy watching Michigan State get stomped by UNC.) The upshot is that actor Kal Penn–of House and, of course, the Harold and Kumar movies–is leaving the television show. But the departure isn’t so Penn can focus on his film career. Instead, he’s going to work for the Obama White House as an associate director in the Office of Public Liaison. 

You may remember that Penn was one of the most active celebrity surrogates who volunteered for the Obama campaign last year. It’s not clear precisely what his responsibilities will be in the public liaison shop. But we can only hope this move sets a precedent for celebrity supporters giving up their big salaries and moving into government work. Health care reform? Shouldn’t be a problem now that the entire cast of E.R. is now available to pitch in and make it happen.