Three Long Stories Worth Reading

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Maybe in the spirit of the previous post, I will make this a feature. Probably not.

1. Noam Scheiber of the The New Republic turns in his eagerly anticipated profile of Larry Summers, in which the writer argues for even more power for Obama’s “single virtuoso performer.”

2. Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker turns in his profile of the throroughly unspectacular Sen. Roland Burris, highlighting the moment when Burris excuses his decision, as Attorney General of Illinois, to push for the execution of an innocent man because “that’s not for a lawyer to decide.”

3. Mark Danner of The New York Review of Books acquires the secret Red Cross report detailing credible descriptions of the CIA abuse of 14 “high-value detainees,” including the routine smashing of detainee heads against cell walls, which President Bush assured the nation was done in “a thorough and professional way.”