Another Thing I Hate About Wall Street

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On a morning when we get disastrous news about jobs, the Dow (at least at the moment) is up…

The NYT explains, however, that this is because the news wasn’t even worse:

On Wall Street, financial markets seemed to seize on the fact that monthly job losses had not increased in February, and stocks rose in early trading, a day after plunging more than 4 percent. The Dow Jones industrial average was up about 150 points in the first half-hour and the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index was 2.4 percent higher, but both were still hovering near their lowest levels since 1997.

Oh, happy days…

UPDATE 11AM EDT: Never mind. Market’s down again. I am now going to put a piece of masking tape over the bottom right corner of my TV screen so I don’t have to watch. I’m also putting my fingers in my ears, and saying, LALALALALA.