Barack Obama, Pro-Life President?

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We already know that Obama plans to officially announce Joshua DuBois’ appointment to be director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships tomorrow, as well as the unveiling of his newly-formed Presidential Advisory Council of the same name. But I’m told by a religious leader who will be part of the Council that the president also plans to lay out four priorities for the Council. They will include focusing on global poverty (not surprising), the impact of economic recovery plans on low-income Americans (ditto), the faith-based initiative (OF COURSE), and…abortion reduction.

Now that’s interesting.

Obama hinted at this in the statement that accompanied his order rescinding the Mexico City policy: “It is time we end the politicization of this issue. In the coming weeks, my Administration will initiative a fresh conversation on family planning, working to find areas of common ground to best meet the needs of women and families at home and around the world.” At the time, I heard a lot of scoffing from conservatives who read this as just talk. It seems, however, that the president is ready to move ahead on this issue more quickly than most people on either side expected.