This May Be A First…

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Congressman Pete Hoekstra twittering (insert irony that this is coming from the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee) from inside a closed-door meeting with the President:


Meeting w the President.Gave a very gracious opening statement.His speech doesn’t match the process that Pelosi and Reid are implementing. about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry


President’s tone is very open and participative.I hope he can pull it off.He’s very good!Very engaging!I’ll post summary when its over. about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry


Very impressive session with Republican House members.If President carries this on it does open door for a new tone!Let’s hope! Nice job! 40 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

UPDATE: TIME Assistant Managing Editor (and Swampland intern) Michael Duffy says it reminds him of what former Alabama Senator Howell Heflin once told him when he asked why the Senate was building a super-secure meeting room in the Hart office building.

“There has to be a secure room,” Heflin replied, “so there can be leaking.”

UPDATE2: Reaction from an official at the other, technologically constrained end of Pennsylvania Avenue: If only we could Twitter on White House computers.

UPDATE3: Apparently, Hoekstra wasn’t the only Republican who went all atwitter over the new President. Jay Newton-Small emails from Capitol Hill: Nearly as many GOP House members stood up to get their photo snapped with the Democratic president at the end of his first meeting with the conference as lined up to grill him with questions, a GOP source in the meeting said.