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Limbaugher Cheesed

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I was disappointed that President Obama even acknowledged the existence of Rush Limbaugh in his meeting with Congressional leaders on Friday, although the statement he made was about as controversial as Norway: “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.” This, after Limbaugh said he was rooting for Obama to fail, which was a big surprise.

El Rushbo’s bad taste is being excoriated by the smarter conservative commenters like William Bennett, which is appropriate because Limbaugh is their problem: he has become an embarrassing anachronism, like a comedian still doing Dukakis jokes. His brand of entertainment went out with the crash; his ditto-heads are losing their jobs. His crapulous invective only has the power to stigmatize his allies now. So why give him oxygen? This is that rarest of moments: Obama showing a smidgeon of public pique. He should save it for opponents who remain relevant.