Obama, McCain and Lobbyists, Cont’d

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Sen. John McCain will be on Fox News Sunday this week. You can bet that McCain, a former presidential candidate who was attacked for months by Barack Obama’s campaign for his close ties to certain former lobbyists, will be asked about the former Raytheon lobbyist, William Lynn, who has been nominated by Obama to be #2 at the Defense Department.

We don’t have to wait to find out what he will say. His office just sent out this press release:

“I am disappointed in President Obama’s decision to waive the ‘revolving door’ provisions of the executive order for Mr. Bill Lynn, his nominee to serve as Deputy Secretary of Defense,” said Senator John McCain. “While I applaud the President’s action to implement new, more stringent ethical rules, I had hoped he would not find it necessary to waive them so soon. Before I can determine whether to support his nomination as Deputy Secretary of Defense, I intend to ask him to clarify for the record what matters and decisions will require his recusal.”