The Brits Do (Anti) Coke Better

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Federally funded anti-drug advertising has come a long way since Nancy “Just Say No” Reagan and that fried egg spot. The current AboveTheInfluence campaign is much more convincing, in part because it focuses less on selling fear than on pointing out the actual downsides of, say, smoking pot–weed can be a real time suck that makes you boring. But as Joshuah Bearman points out, the Brits don’t only make better TV shows than us, they can also do our anti-drug campaigns one better.


Among other things, I am curious to see how the Internet-savvy, hipster Obama team remakes the U.S. anti-drug campaign. My guess: In a few years, the U.S. website (which now features VH1’s Dr. Drew) will be as hip as the British one.