Obama, the Bailout Savior

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Here’s the latest from me on the TARP negotiations on the Hill. Yesterday really was something to watch with Senate Dems openly going into the meeting voicing skepticism about supporting the second half of the bank bailout, an issue on par with President Bush in public approval ratings, both are at 27%. “I don’t think the climate warrants it,” said Senator Evan Bayh walking into the luncheon with POETUS PEOTUS Obama. “The first half has done its work, the banking sector is far more stable than in September.”

Yet somehow, 45 minutes later, nearly everyone emerged in support of the bailout. “It was really something to watch,” marveled Michigan’s Debbie Stabenow. “He convinced a lot of people to come to his side. It was just amazing to see what kind of president he’ll make.” Maybe they were all acting – pretending to be skeptical en masse so that Obama-the-miracle-maker could look all the better. And if they were acting, they deserve some awards – maybe not Oscars but Daytime Emmys – because they gave a pretty convincing picture yesterday afternoon that their future president leads them like the Pied Piper leads children.