Re: George Voinovich to Retire

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Following up on Karen’s post – Speedy Gonzales beat me to it! Voinovich makes the third GOP senator to retire this cycle. If Senate Republicans thought 2006 and 2008 were bad, the spate of retirements is making 2010 look pretty painful. First there was Florida Senator Mel Martinez – because Florida’s always an easy state for both sides to defend. Next came Missouri’s Kit Bond. And today Voinovich. Republicans are already defending a larger playing field (good luck John Cornyn who follows in the auspicious footsteps of Liddy Dole and John Ensign), 19 seats to the Democrats’ 16. And of the 16 Dems, Harry Reid looks to be the most vulnerable (last week he gleefully laid down the gauntlet for would be challengers). The GOP might consider investing their money in the House where Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen might have a stressful time defending some of their recent gains.