The New Kid

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Many thanks to Karen for the kind welcome and introduction. I’m thrilled that the Higher-Ups have seen fit (read: gave into my begging) to let me join Swampland. And I look forward to jumping in with commentary and reporting on the major stories of the day. 

But first things first. In addition to blogging about religion, politics, basketball, and all things Michigan, I am pleased to be able to fill the critical post of hula-hoop correspondent. Some of you may know that the incoming first lady is a passionate hula-hooper. Her husband even calls her “the best hula-hooper I know.” But can we really rely on his word? Can she spin multiple hoops? Can she walk and hoop at the same time?

As the winner of several Allen Elementary School Field Day blue ribbons for hula-hooping, I feel qualified to judge Michelle Obama’s hooping skillz. I hereby challenge her to a Hoop-Off. She can name the time, the place, the rules–I’ll be there with my portable hoop.

In this time of economic crisis and violence around the globe, Michelle Obama’s most important work as First Lady may well be to lift the nation’s spirits through hula-hooping. And I will be there to cover it. You’re welcome.