More Evidence The Press Corps Is Poop

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This is from the latest Obama pool report:

After the press conference at dodge academy, pe obama and vpe biden went upstairs for a 15 minute meeting with a group of 1st-4th graders–about a dozen.
After a few minutes of chit chat in which he asked the kids what they were studying–(when one child said “decimals” mr obama replied “decimals! Wow, Joe doesn’t even know his decimals!”)
Then he told the kids he was opening the floor to questions, and proceeded to take more than double the number of questions than he took at his press conference. Plus the kids got to raise their hands and ask.
He may even have made news. One child ask him about iraq and he said he plans to have troops home in.a year and a half.
Other questions:
What are you gonna do as president?
A–make sure all kids get a good education
In 2009 are you going to the white house?
A– after replying yes, mr obama volunteered that he’s getting a dog for malia and sasha, and added: “I want to make sure my daughters take care of this dog, and if they do their business, and you’ve got some poop, you don’t just leave it there.”
Will you go to other countries?
A–mr obama said yes, adding that he even expects to meet some kings and queens.

He also told the kids he’s thinking about longer school days, which did not seem to go over well.