Save Money, Turn Off Your TV

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Thanks to the wonders of YouTube there are now hundreds of videos online about all the financial TV punditry that was horribly, terribly, awfully, totally and completely dead wrong over the last couple years. Not that any of you are taking your investment cues from Fox News, but there is an inevitable vertigo (or is it schadenfreude?) that comes with watching clips like this:


(This one is about 10 minutes long, and gets really good at about 4 minutes. Take special note of the star turns from Ferris Bueller’s Ben Stein, Charles Payne, author of “Act Fast, Be Smart, Get Rich,” and some guy named Tom Adkins who declared in January of this year, “I buy real estate, man. I’m the smartest guy here.” The hero of these particular clips is Peter Schiff, a former economic adviser to libertarian Ron Paul’s campaign, who was apparently brought onto Fox for the same reason that Alan Colmes sits next to Sean Hannity.)