Freedom’s Watch: We’ll Miss Them

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Remember when Freedom’s Watch–with former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer as a founder–was thought to be the Next Big Thing in conservative advocacy?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that they are going under. Though, with ads like this one, how could they possibly have been anything other than a smashing success?:

In Adelson’s own backyard, Freedom’s Watch aired ads locally slamming Democrat Dina Titus in her ultimately successful run for Congress. One memorable spot featured surgeons hunched over an operating table, exchanging the following dialogue:

“Oh my.”






“No, I’m afraid it’s Dinatitus! Taxes up the yin-yang!”

Here’s another gem:

Another anti-Titus commercial played off Titus’ Southern accent and her alleged propensity for raising taxes.

“She must be from Taxes!” the ad drawled against a silhouette of the Lone Star State, even though Titus is from Georgia.

(H/T Guestblogger New Floridian)