Re: GM Gives Up 2 Jets

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They’re in luck. Northwest is currently offering roundtrip coach at under $250. (Non-stop!!!) And if they double up in hotel rooms while they are here, they can save even more.

UPDATE: This strikes me as the perfect opportunity for a Friday afternoon Swampland commenter contest. Topic: Top ways for GM execs to save money. My suggestion: Skip the undercoating and interior scotchgarding when you buy your next corporate jet.

UPDATE2: We have winners!

Though, alas, we have no prizes.

Our judge today is Mr. Michael Scherer. (He’s about to go on vacation, which puts him in the right frame of mind for this job). And he has selected:

3. Commenter Alaskanturkey: Change name of company to “G”, saving millions on printing costs.

2. Commenter Pourmecoffee: UAW salaries pegged to Detroit Lions point totals.

1. Commenter Pourmecoffee: Two words: Chevy Palin. Runs on air.

KT’s Honorable Mention, for its simplicity and elegance:

Commenter Donovong: Stop making cars.

UPDATE 3: Wait! Wait! We have dissent in the Swamp. Jay Newton-Small (who is also on vacation next week–am I going to be the only one working around here?) weighs in with her picks:

Alaskanturkey: Stop printing owners manuals (does anyone read them???)

Mrs. Coffee: melt down their trophy wives for raw materials.

Fourlegsgood: Stop paying royalties on 70’s and 80’s rock songs for their stupid commercials.