Just in Time for Your Holiday Shopping

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“The Mustache of Justice.” (H/T Christopher Beam at Slate.)

All of which reminds me: House Republicans were way ahead on the potential market for Waxman-themed brickabrack. This happened shortly after they took power in Congress in 1994:

When Democrats ran the house, the health and environment subcommittee office was a no-smoking preserve ruled by anti- tobacco crusader Representative Henry Waxman. Today the subcommittee is part of the domain of Republican Thomas Bliley Jr., a pipe lover who hails from the tobacco state of Virginia. Smoking is now accepted in the old subcommittee room, and congressional aides gleefully flick their ashes into a glass ashtray placed atop Waxman’s picture.

At the time, Waxman’s staff was furious:

“That’s what passes for wit among some Republicans,” said Phil Schiliro, an aide to Waxman, referring to the placement of his boss’s picture under the ashtray. “That epitomizes their philosophy: ‘Those Democrats didn’t know anything, and if they’re against smoking we’ll be for it and blow smoke in their faces.’ “

But incoming Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Waxman, as he so often does, got the last laugh. (And Schiliro did, too. He is now set to become President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of congressional relations.)