Four Things

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1. The George W. Bush/Dick Cheney Justice department is apparently protecting civil liberties against the attempts to relax wiretap standards by Michael Bloomberg’s police department. “The disagreement, in which the Bush Justice Department has taken a more cautious approach than police officials, is something of an unexpected twist for an administration that has more often seemed willing to stretch legal boundaries to fight terrorism.” (Per the NYT)

2. Remember that friendly fire cover-up story I linked to last month. It seems the Army is not done with the cover up. “[D]ocuments relating to the two [killed] men were shredded hours after the story was published,” Salon now reports.

3. The Associated Press gives a rundown of who is running for the remaining Obama appointments. It lists John Brennan as the only candidate for CIA director (much to Glenn Greenwald’s dismay) and does not list John Kerry as a potential Interior Secretary.

4. Geeks beware. Just in time for a major recession, BlackBerry is raining on the iPhone parade. (Not so, says TIME’s Anita Hamilton.)