Re: House GOP Leadership Elections

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An update on my post: John Boehner won reelection as House minority leader with Eric Cantor taking the No. 2 spot and the new chairman of the GOP conference will be Mike Pence. Pete Sessions won the chairmanship of the NRSC NRCC after incumbent Tom Cole withdrew his candidacy.

I sat down with Boehner this afternoon to chat about winning reelection and how he intends to lead his party out of the minority. Here’s the Q&A, audio is coming here.

Probably the most interesting answers that didn’t make the cut:

Q. There’s a Republican president leaving office now. Looking back, what do you think his legacy is going to be?
A. Doing what he thought was right for America, regardless of the political consequences.

Q. Did you paid the price?
A. We certainly paid in some respects, yes.